From its beginnings, number 44, Vasilissis Olgas Avenue has been introduced as Hotel Queen Olga. Opening its doors in the late 60s, the hotel attracted the attention of many Greek and foreign world leaders, athletes and artists thanks to its unique and avant-garde decoration for the era. Vital example is the famous sculptor Thodoras Papademetriou, whose one of his very first artworks is exhibited to the hotel.


Mr. Logdanides and Mr. Dimitriades, built the hotel in 1967 and two years later brought together a team of passionate professionals to open the doors commencing the operations of Queen Olga Hotel. As a charismatic general manager and individual, Mr. Logdanides promoted the generosity of Greek hospitality. Word of his professionalism traveled around the world swiftly, when the word of mouth was the hoteliers’ most important ally. With his perennial presence, he created a devoted team to the cause of hospitality, since the early beginning of the hotel.

Queen Olga has been a family-run hotel since its opening at 1969 and could not be more committed to its services. Now, with half a century of continuing operation, the hotel is intertwined with Thessaloniki’s modern history.